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Earn Cash via PayPal For Clicking Emails

May 4th, 2006 at 04:31 pm

If you're looking to add a few dollars a month to your savings without a whole lot of effort, you might want to consider trying a few PTR programs.

PTR stands for Paid to Read (email). These sites send email to your inbox, or you can choose to log into the site and read the messages there, and within each email is one or more links you can click on for cash. The amount varies by program, but anywhere from 1 cent to 1/10 of a cent isn't unusual. When you click on a link that takes you to a search page, you are sort of expected to do a "complete search" -- to click on a search term, like "cruises" or "payday loans" and click on one of the websites that come up in the search results... and let that page fully load. Sometimes the ad isn't for a search engine but is for a new PTR program or even someone's Ebay page.

There are timers in place to make sure you actually spend some time on the site you're paid to visit. These timers vary by site, but 10 to 45 seconds isn't unusual. So, earning something like 1/2 a cent every 30 seconds isn't going to amount to Oprah Money, but if you're just sitting in front of the TV anyway, it's almost like getting paid to watch TV. Smile

There are some scam programs out there, and you have to look out for those. Realistically, an advertiser isn't going to pay a PTR program 25 cents for each member that clicks on his ad. So any site that promises to pay you a ridiculous amount per email is full of baloney. You also want to take into account the minimum you have to earn to cash out. A site might have a $100 cashout minimum... but will they even still be in business when you finally get $100 in your account? Another thing to look at is whether the site charges enough for its ads -- if on their rate page they charge $1.00 for a 2 cent ad to 7,000 people, obviously there's something wrong!

Luckily, there are some websites set up to help you find reliable PTR programs and help you avoid the scams. is a huge message forum where you can read member posts about which programs have paid them and which ones are known scams. also provides this type of information but they go a step farther by maintaining a list of programs users have reported to be scams. And last, issues a seal of approval to those sites with a reputation for paying their members.

Now that you've been duly warned that there are some scam PTRs out there, how much can you realistically earn with these programs?

I easily earn a couple of dollars per month, per program. If I'm good about keeping up with the emails, and clicking the links before they expire (some emails are only good for x number of clicks, or for x number of hours), I earn more. If I just click while I'm watching my soaps, or when I'm bored, it's a little less.

The programs that I've participated in for a while and I can recommend, include,,,,, and

These sites send out a good number of emails, valued at about 1/2 a cent each, and they pay you promptly when you reach the minimum amount ($3 or less, depending on the program).

I have a separate checking account set up for the PayPal address I use for these programs, and periodically I transfer my PayPal earnings into this checking account. Between the PTR programs I do, the survey sites, and the rewards programs, I've earned about $700 so far this year.

Next goal: To transfer this money into an interest bearing account.