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10% to 35% Cash Back on Ebay BINs

June 27th, 2008 at 04:02 pm

I just wanted to post this for anyone here who does a lot of Ebay shopping... especially if you do BINs!

Ebay recently went to their own in-house affiliate program, and Microsoft Live Cash Back just got them as a merchant. They worked out a SWEET deal where if you use the Microsoft Live search engine --

Text is and Link is -- and search for something available on Ebay, a "sponsored ad" will pop up that you can click for between 10 and 35% cash back (through Live Cash Back) on a Buy It Now!

Example! My son's been driving me NUTS wanting an ipod Touch. He's been saving his money but he was still way short. I went to and did a search for ipod Touch and saw the sponsored ad. It said something like, "Buy iPod Touch. Get 35% cash back if eligible." And it had a little icon next to it for Live Search Cashback. I clicked through and it showed me Ebay search results that included "ipod Touch." Found one that had a good price, seller had good feedback, etc., and clicked to BIN. The sale page gave me my total with shipping, and then showed me what I'd get in cash back from Live Search Cashback:

Item cost: $249.99
Shipping: $10.00
Out of pocket: $259.99

Live Cashback: $87.50 (appeared in my Live Search Cashback account the next day, and is available to withdraw by check or PayPal in 60 days)

So the total cost after rebate was: $172.49

PriceGrabber says the best price online including shipping and tax where charged is $255!:
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So, my son did pretty good, huh? Wink

Now, this is the thing I found, though. The percentage that you're offered in cash back depends on the item (it's really hard to find products with 35% cash back!), and it depends on WHEN you're searching for it. Right now, when I search for an ipod touch, I only get offered 10% cash back for Ebay purchases. So you'll have to be patient... try searching at different times of the day, different days of the week... it may even vary depending on the search term (ipod touch, ipod touch 8gb, mp3 player ipod, etc.).

But in any event, 10% cash back for Ebay BIN's is, to my knowledge, the best rate you're going to get anywhere! If you're able to get 20%, 25%, or 35%...even better!

If you're not familiar with them, Microsoft Live Cashback is what used to be the cash back shopping site. You can join it here:
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