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You're Invited to a Rebate Site Chat!

October 31st, 2007 at 09:09 pm

I do an annual review of shopping rebate rates at various online rewards programs, which I post on my website at

Text is and Link is This year, in connection with the release of the study results (and to celebrate my site's 6th birthday), I'm co-hosting a chat with the management of many of these rewards programs.

The chat is open to the public and FREE. It's a chance for you to talk to the people behind the scenes at your favorite rewards programs -- want them to add a merchant? Want to know why a shopping order doesn't credit sometimes? Want to hear how one program is different from another? Just want to say hi and that you enjoy one of these sites?

The following people have RSVP'd (most are providing prizes to chat attendees as well):

* - Rebecca Faulkner, Marketing Content Editor of Ebates
* - Eric Shoemaker, Director of Marketing for
* - Charles Berman, CEO of BondRewards
* - Miriam McDermott, Senior VP of BondRewards
* - Dmitry B., founder and CEO of
* - Tricia S., founder and CEO of SunshineRewards
* - Jonathan Trieber, co-founder of iBakeSale
* - Jeff Nobbs, co-founder of Extrabux.

Unable to attend but sending prizes:

* LuckySearch

Unsure but will try to attend:

* Christopher Basista, founder of
* Mitch Wander, founder of MyTroops

I hear you saying, "Whoa, hold up there, Becky, what's this thing about prizes?" Yes, we're going to be giving away prizes throughout the chat! Quite a few prizes, actually, well in excess of $500 worth!

"How do I get in on this chat?" Easy! Sign up for a free account on
Text is and Link is and visit between 7pm and 11pm on Saturday, 11/3, for the chatroom name and password.

Come armed with any questions you might have for these folks -- they want to hear from YOU!