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Mother's Day for the Thrifty

April 25th, 2006 at 06:44 pm

Mother's Day is fast approaching and you don't want to wait too long to get in on some of the great online deals available on gifts for your mom.

Of course, the traditional Mother's Day gifts include flowers and dinner. By shopping online, using rebates and coupons when available, you can save a substantial amount of money.


Text is and Link is's FatCash program has a 15% off coupon available for, plus they offer an 8% rebate on top of that.

Text is and Link is offers 100 points per dollar (equivalent to a 12% rebate) for purchases at
Text is and Link is However, there is a clickable coupon available elsewhere (which means it can't be combined with a rewards program rebate) for $10 off any purchase at For purchases under $60, you'd be better off using that coupon. (Google around for it, it'll turn up.) Or, if you're a Discover cardholder, this link will give you 20% off at FTD:
Text is and Link is

Text is and Link is is offering a 12% rebate on purchases at
Text is and Link is


Text is and Link is sells printable gift certificates for local restaurants at a you can use coupon code 78440 for an additional 60% off (expires 4/30).

Have an
Text is Entertainment and Link is
Entertainment Book? These coupon books are available by city and include restaurant coupons. You may not be able to order one and receive it before Mother's Day, but when you buy online, you can access printable coupons on-site. The 2006 Entertainment Books are now 50% off, plus if you shop through
Text is FatWallet and Link is
FatWallet's FatCash program, you'll get $5 cash back.

Some restaurants won't accept these discount gift certificates and coupons on holidays -- take Mom a day early or call ahead to be sure.

~-Other Gift Ideas-~

Magazine subscriptions make great gifts that Mom will enjoy year-round. I love
Text is and Link is, which compares prices at 24 magazine discounters and shares online coupons to help you find the best deal. Some good deals right now include 17 issues of Woman's Day for $3.55, $2.75 for a year of Redbook, and $3.99 for a year of Ladies' Home Journal. No, the first issue won't arrive before Mother's Day, but a copy of the current issue and a note explaining that you've signed her up would do the trick.

Some moms like perfume. Where can you find it on the internet for less? Two of the biggest online perfume stores are
Text is and Link is (free shipping on $60 orders, get a 15% rebate with
Text is FatWallet and Link is
FatWallet's FatCash, plus save an extra 10% with code MDAY2006) and
Text is and Link is (free shipping on $59 orders, and a 6.5% rebate through
Text is and Link is

What about a personalized t-shirt?
Text is and Link is sells a ladies' heavyweight tee with one line of text for $22.89 shipped (orders ship within 48 hours). Go through
Text is and Link is for a 7% rebate.

Moms love pictures. Another personalized idea within most people's budget is the Snapbook, by
Text is and Link is Upload 50 of your favorite photos, choose a theme, and personalize the photos with captions. The final product, a spiral-bound album, is $9.99 for the 4x6 size and $14.99 for the 5x7. Shipping starts at $2.50. Shop through
Text is and Link is for an 8% rebate.

~-Mark Your Calendar!-~

Whatever you decide to give Mom for Mother's Day, whether it's flowers, dinner, a store-bought gift, or even a handmade card, the important thing is that you don't forget the date! On behalf of mothers everywhere, I thank you.

-~For More Information~-

If you'd like more info on how rewards programs like FatCash, Greenpoints, Ebates, and work, as well as reviews of these and other programs, please visit
Text is and Link is

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